The Family Death

It seems to be that as the rejoicing and good spirits of people hushed when as one by one, the men returned, that war had done its damage to the families of its actors. There is a kind of understandable certainty that the dead and missing created an unfillable void in the families when news stumbled home; that these families would never be the same again. But relationships change. What happened as soldiers became men again and returned home to families. Some who were permanently damaged by the war. Some scarred physically. Some to never talk about its costs.

Death has a funny way of changing families – it is change, in its most basic, most permanent. Emotion is raw. It can be unkind, selfish and profound. People change and are changed by death’s arrival. Some become more frank, more truthful, closer but its consequence can be marred by division, argument and silence.

For how many of the following years did the war change the family dynamic? Husband and wife? Father and son? Parents and the war-guilt survivor?


How many families became divided when reunited after the war? Rejoicing followed by argument. A reality of life after death.


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