At 11:01 as at 10:59 on the 11th November 1918. Little had changed.
There were still 2 million British tommies propped up on sentry duty and dug into trenches all the way along the Western Front.

Peace perfect peace

As the Armistice was signed at the duly agreed time at the duly agreed date – 11 am on the 11th November 1918 – the war was over.

It must have been a day like any other. Duties to perform. Rifles to clean. Battle lines to protect. Then their commanding officers informed their men that at 11 o’clock the Great War was over. For many men who had enlisted in August 1914, after over 1500 days, they now had to contemplate what life meant for them now.

Surreal it must have been. Staring at danger, at death, at men like them across no man’s land – now it was over.

But what happened at 11:01 on Armistice Day 1918? What thoughts flooded through Tommy’s mind? Hope? Guilt? Relief? Impatience to see loved ones? Fear?

Victory – the war was over. Yet nobody won.